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    Wood pellet fuels are not created equal. Variables include quality and type of sawdust used, quality control, pellet density, pellet length, quantity of fines, ash and sodium as well as experience in manufacturing.

    Wood pellet stove owners have discovered that different brands give different results. When they try Comfy Cozy, many find that the performance of their stove increases, they have far less ash, soot and cleanup.

    The following excerpts are from just a few of the hundreds of unsolicited letters we receive every year. These indicate the high degree of consumer satisfaction and loyalty to Comfy Cozy.

    "We have tried several different kinds of pellets and have found Comfy Cozy to be the best. (Low ash)." L.A.

    "This year we used your pellets for the first time and found them to be the best quality pellets we've ever used. We have been recommending them to all our friends that have pellet stoves." R.A.

    "Best product we've used."W.B.R.

    "Love your product - it's still the best I've found on the market for heat and cleanliness." S.F.

    "Please keep up the good work in producing a superior product. On the odd occasion when we had to buy another brand, we were always so glad to go back to Comfy Cozy." A.T.