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    Would you like to try a sample? No problem! Please contact us to try our premium quality wood pellets. 

    Softwood pellets generally have a higher BTU value than hardwood pellets. This is due to the presence of higher resin levels. In fact, hardwood pellets that incorporate a high percentage of poplar or aspen can have significantly lower BTU values than softwood pellets. While Hardwood is the wood of choice in traditional firewood, this is due to the higher density (weight) of the hardwood log, the pelletizing process results in both hardwood and softwood having the same pellet density.

    Shaw´s wood pellets, also known as Eastern Embers or Pure Energy premium wood pellets, burn very clean and offer the lowest emissions of unwanted pollutants of all solid fuel burning appliances. Pellet stoves have extremely low particulate emissions (<1 GM/HR) due to their high burn efficiency and the density of the fuel.

    Every ton of pellets used vs. oil reduces co2 emissions by about 1.5 ton
    • 100% softwood
    • A very high BTU value.
    • A very low ash content.
    • Stable, secure supply.
    • Locally made
    • Quality you can count on
    Shaw Premium Wood Pellets - Pure Energy