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    Would you like to try a sample? No problem! Please contact us to try our premium quality wood pellets.

    Have you been looking for the ideal bedding material for your horses? Do you find that straw or wood shavings aren’t cutting it? Keep your horses clean, dry and healthy with Pelleco’s low-dust, low-moisture wood pellet bedding!

    Pelleco wood pellet horse bedding makes cleaning stalls quick and easy. Our wood pellets are tightly packed and highly effective when soaking up large quantities of moisture and urine. Wood pellet horse bedding is also known to absorb twice the amount of moisture as wood shavings and has four times the odour elimination power as traditional bedding material.

    Wood pellets are tightly packed making them easy to handle and store. According to the Equine Facilities Assistance Program, wood pellets take up a lot less space when compared to straw horse bedding (approximately one 40 lbs bag of wood pellets is equal two bales of straw).

    For these reasons, horse owners are now turning to wood pellets as the ideal choice for horse bedding.

    • All natural and equine safe.
    • Our wood pellets are tightly packed making them easy to handle and store
    • Effectively reduces moisture and strong odors such as ammonia
    • 40 lbs bags will expand to approximately 1.7 x 1.7 meters with a 3.8 cm depth. 

    Watch this video to learn how to turn wood pellets into horse bedding.